Analysis and validation of protein ligand structures (MS-001)
Chairs: Andreas Heine, Bohdan Schneider
Speakers: Sivakumar Sekharan, Orly Dym, Genji Kurisu
22 August 2017 1030-1305
Membrane proteins, lipid-protein interactions and membrane fusion (MS-010)
Chairs: Arun Shukla, Margarida Archer
Speakers: So Iwata, Isabel de Moraes, Diana Tomchick
22 August 2017 1455-1730
Interactions between proteins and nucleic acids (MS-019)
Chairs: Barnali Chaudhuri, Markus Wahl
Speakers: Wei Yang, Michal Hammel, Osamu Nureki
23 August 2017 1030-1305
Long wavelength applications in macromolecular Crystallography (MS-028)
Chairs: Christoph Mueller-Dieckmann, Dorothee Liebschner
Speakers: A. Wagner, G. Leonard, V.Olieric
23 August 2017 1455-1730
Macromolecular structures by hybrid methods (MS-037)
Chairs: Amit Sharma, Jill Trewhella
Speakers: Jonathan Grimes, Madhanagopal Anandapadamanaban, Frank Gabel
24 August 2017 1030-1305
Macromolecular structure determination at XFEL sources (MS-046)
Chairs: Arwen Pearson, Makina Yabashi
Speakers: Eriko Nango, Junko Yano, Allen M. Orville
24 August 2017 1455-1730
New challenges in interpretation of structural data (MS-055)
Chairs: George Phillips, Kurt Krause
Speakers: Lawrence Lee, Matthias Wolf
25 August 2017 1030-1305
Time and motion resolved imaging and diffraction (MS-064)
Chairs: Keith Moffat, Serguei Molodtsov
Speakers: Dominik Oberthuer, Alexander Blagov, Clemens von Korff Schmising
25 August 2017 1455-1730
Minimizing radiation damage (MS-073)
Chairs: Mike Hough, Ute Kaiser
Speakers: Richard Henderson, Elspeth Garman, Karol Nass
26 August 2017 1030-1305
Techniques and insights into macromolecular crystallization (MS-082)
Chairs: Abel Moreno, Anna Schenk
Speakers: Lata Govada, Maria Rosales-Hoz, Riobé Francois
26 August 2017 1455-1730
Expression of macromolecular complexes (MS-091)
Chairs: Areej Abuhammad, Muhammad Imran
Speakers: Federico Forneris, Kapil Gupta, Yan NIE
27 August 2017 1030-1305
Structure determination of biological macromolecule complexes by CryoEM (MS-100)
Chairs: Edward N. Baker, Yifan Cheng
Speakers: Alok Mitra, Chris Hill, Peijun Zhang
27 August 2017 1455-1730