Crystallographic approach for designing new metal organic frameworks (MS-002)
Chairs: Felipe Gandara, Qiaowei Li
Speakers: Mohamed Eddaoudi, Shane Telfer
22 August 2017 1030-1305
Applications of post-synthesis modified metal-organic frameworks (MS-011)
Chairs: Myoung Soo Lah, Praveen Thallapally
Speakers: Guillaume MAURIN, Hoi Ri Moon, Jun Liu
22 August 2017 1455-1730
Controlling dimensions of porous crystalline polymers (MS-020)
Chairs: P S Mukherjee, Wei Wang
Speakers: Tapas Kumar Maji, Xin Zhao, Ramaswamy Murugavel
23 August 2017 1030-1305
Porous framework materials for gas adsorption (MS-029)
Chairs: Francois-Xavier Coudert, Hoi Ri Moon
Speakers: Jorge Gascon, Christian J. Doonan
23 August 2017 1455-1730
Porous framework materials for separation (MS-038)
Chairs: Jie-Peng Zhang, Qiang Xu
Speakers: Guang-Shan Zhu, Satoshi Horike, Wei Shi, Praveen Thallapally
24 August 2017 1030-1305
Crystalline materials characterization with combined techniques (MS-047)
Chairs: Alejandro Ayala, Koen Janssens
Speakers: Izumi NAKIA, Eric DOORYHEE, Marc Walton
24 August 2017 1455-1730
Direct observation of reactions and labile species within porous Frameworks (MS-056)
Chairs: Kumar Biradha, Javier Marti-Rujas
Speakers: Hidehiro UEKUSA, Hiroyoshi OHTSU, Giancarlo Terraneo
25 August 2017 1030-1305
New structures for natural and synthetic open framework materials (MS-065)
Chairs: Florencia Di Salvo, Laszlo Fabian
Speakers: Tomislav Friscic, Alessia Bacchi, Qiaowei Li
25 August 2017 1455-1730
Porous framework materials for catalysis and renewable energy (MS-074)
Chairs: Christian Doonan, Hamid Reza Khavasi
Speakers: Rob Ameloot, Craig Brown, Shuhei Furukawa
26 August 2017 1030-1305
Polyoxometalates as building blocks for functional materials (MS-083)
Chairs: Arunachalam Ramanan, Soumyajit Roy
Speakers: Bernold Hasenknopf, Chunying Duan, Ryo Tsunashima
26 August 2017 1455-1730
Bio-compatible porous materials for drug delivery (MS-092)
Chairs: Alessia Bacchi, Paolo Falcaro
Speakers: Patricia Horcajada, Stefan Wuttke
27 August 2017 1030-1305
Porous framework materials for sensing (MS-101)
Chairs: Hai-Long Jiang, Stuart Batten
Speakers: Bin Zhao, Sujit K. Ghosh
27 August 2017 1455-1730
Phase transition in alloys and molecular solids (MS-110)
Chairs: Anthony Linden, Kinga Suwinska
Speakers: Larry Falvello, Mois Aroyo, Željko Skoko
28 August 2017 1030-1305
Interactions in solids under stress (MS-119)
Chairs: Boris Zakharov, Shanti Deemyad
Speakers: Alla Arakcheeva, Arianna Lanza
28 August 2017 1455-1730