Crystal engineering solutions to improve pharmaceutical tableting (MS-003)
Chairs: Changun Calvin Sun, Thomas Hartmann
Speakers: Arvind Bansal, Stevens, Venu Vangala
22 August 2017 1030-1305
Structure-property correlation in pharmaceutical solids (MS-012)
Chairs: Javier Ellena, Christian W. Lehmann
Speakers: Alejandro P. Ayala, Krunoslav Užarević, Tong-Bu Lu
22 August 2017 1455-1730
Crystallization mechanisms of small molecule organic materials (MS-030)
Chairs: Jaime Gomez Morales, Raj Suryanarayana
Speakers: Tonglei Li, Ian Rosbottom, Andrew Williams
23 August 2017 1455-1730
Structural chemistry in 2-D: Crystal growth, surface structure and morphology (MS-039)
Chairs: Bo Wang, Matthew Hill
Speakers: Jiepeng Zhang, Tao Wu, Takashi Uemura
24 August 2017 1030-1305
Supramolecular synthons at the confluence of theory and practice (MS-048)
Chairs: Catharine Esterhuysen, P Venugopalan
Speakers: J. N. Moorthy, Lee Brammer, Susan A Bourne
24 August 2017 1455-1730
Charge density studies in crystal and cocrystal engineering (MS-057)
Chairs: Anna Krawczuk, Tejender Thakur
Speakers: Chérif F. Matta, Enrique Espinosa, Julia Contreras-Garcia
25 August 2017 1030-1305
Bending, jumping and rotating: Motion and movement in crystalline solids (MS-066)
Chairs: C. Malla Reddy, Daisuke Hashizume
Speakers: Pance Naumov, Takashi Takeda, Hajime Ito
25 August 2017 1455-1730
Tailored properties of molecular co-crystals (MS-075)
Chairs: Srinivasulu Aitipamula, Susan Bourne
Speakers: Delia A. Haynes, Sreenivas R. Lingireddy
26 August 2017 1030-1305
Soft organic and inorganic materials: Gelation and crystallization (MS-084)
Chairs: Jianyong Zhang, Parthasarathi Dastidar
Speakers: Yun Yan, Tao Tu, T. Govindaraju
26 August 2017 1455-1730
Halogen bonding in crystal engineering (MS-093)
Chairs: Kari Rissanen, Pierangelo Metrangolo
Speakers: Wei Jun Jin, Leonard R. MacGillivray, Catharine Esterhuysen
27 August 2017 1030-1305
Halogen bonding at the interface between small molecules and macromolecules (MS-102)
Chairs: José A. Gavira, Orion Berryman
Speakers: Pierangelo Metrangolo, Guru Row, Kari Rissanen
27 August 2017 1455-1730
Structural chemistry at non-ambient conditions (MS-111)
Chairs: Dave Billing, Manuel Fernandez
Speakers: Iain Oswald, Vincent Smith
28 August 2017 1030-1305
Polymorphism and structural transformations in crystalline materials (MS-115)
Chairs: Koichi Momma, Marijana Đaković
28 August 2017 1030-1305