Novel direct methods for electron diffraction and imaging (MS-004)
Chairs: Christian Kisielowski, Stavros Nicolopoules
Speakers: Fu-Rong Chen, Yasar Krysiak
22 August 2017 1030-1305
Total scattering (MS-005)
Chairs: Eduardo Granado, Katherine Page
Speakers: Despina Louca, Nalini Sundaram, Philip Chater
22 August 2017 1030-1305
Computational materials design (MS-006)
Chairs: Artem Oganov, Samrath Lal Chaplot
Speakers: Umesh Waghmare, Qiang Zhu
22 August 2017 1030-1305
Quantitative electron imaging and tomography (MS-013)
Chairs: Andreas Rosenauer, Eric Van Cappellen
Speakers: Georg Haberfehlner, Ivan Lazić, Knut Müller-Caspary
22 August 2017 1455-1730
Advanced neutron sources in biological and materials sciences (MS-014)
Chairs: Dimitri N Argyriou, Flora Meilleur
Speakers: Ken Andersen, Toshi Kanaya, Kenneth Herwig
22 August 2017 1455-1730
In-situ and in-operando characterization of energy materials (MS-015)
Chairs: Diego Lamas, Yang Ren
Speakers: José Antonio Alonso, Valeri Petkov, Zifeng Ma
22 August 2017 1455-1730
Synchrotron and XFEL for materials at ambient and extreme conditions (MS-023)
Chairs: John Tse, Yasuo Ohishi
Speakers: Luke Bennett Fletcher, Norimasa Ozaki
23 August 2017 1030-1305
NMR Crystallography and related methods (MS-024)
Chairs: Manish Mehta, Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary
Speakers: P. K. Madhu, Juergen Senker, Gerd Buntkowsky, Ioannis P. Gerothanassis
23 August 2017 1030-1305
Synchrotron-based X-ray techniques and the environment (MS-027)
Chairs: Hugh Harris, Richard Garrett
Speakers: Graham N George, Bhoopesh Mishra, Hiram Castillo
23 August 2017 1030-1305
Nanoparticles / nanostructures (MS-031)
Chairs: N. Ravishankar, Reinhard Neder
Speakers: K. Byrappa, Matthew Cliffe, Bo Brummerstedt Iversen
23 August 2017 1455-1730
Magnetic diffuse scattering and magnetic PDF analysis (MS-033)
Chairs: Branton Campbell, Werner Schweika
Speakers: Benjamin A. Frandsen, Joe Paddison
23 August 2017 1455-1730
Microstructure, defects, stress and strain determination and modelling with powder diffraction data (MS-040)
Chairs: Davor Balzar, Takashi Ida
Speakers: Radomír Kužel
24 August 2017 1030-1305
Advances in computational methods for powder diffraction (MS-041)
Chairs: Andy Fitch, Basab Chattopadhyay
Speakers: Alan Coelho, Angela Altomare, Roland Resel
24 August 2017 1030-1305
High-resolution spectroscopy (MS-042)
Chairs: Dimosthenis Sokaras, Dennis Nordlund
Speakers: John Vinson, Christoph Sahle, Tsu-Chien Weng
24 August 2017 1030-1305
In-situ and in-operando characterization of catalytic and functional materials (MS-049)
Chairs: Miguel Delgado, Antonio F. Moreira Dos Santos
Speakers: Daniel P. Shoemaker, Masao Yonemura, Peter Chupas
24 August 2017 1455-1730
Small-Angle Scattering studies of biomacromolecular kinetics (MS-050)
Chairs: Pau Bernado, Clement Blanchet
Speakers: Hironari Kamikubo, Lise Arleth, Robert Rambo
24 August 2017 1455-1730
Recent developments in XAFS spectroscopy: Theory, Instrumentation and data analysis (MS-051)
Chairs: Hiroyuki Oyanagi, Konstantin Klementiev
Speakers: James Hester, Keisuke Hatada, Pieter Glatzel, Edmund Welter
24 August 2017 1455-1730
Powder diffraction & polymorphism. Search, phase transformations and new polymorph identification (MS-058)
Chairs: Alan Goldman, Anant Paradkar
Speakers: James Kaduk, Eric J. Munson, Raj Suryanarayanan
25 August 2017 1030-1305
Quantitative electron diffraction (MS-059)
Chairs: Mauro Gemmi, Tatiana Gorelik
Speaker: Artem Abakumov, Junliang Sun, Koji Yonekura
25 August 2017 1030-1305
XAS at extreme conditions (MS-060)
Chairs: Daniel Haskel, Giuliana Aquilanti
Speakers: Jean-Pascal Rueff, Narcizo Souza Neto, Federica Coppari
25 August 2017 1030-1305
Grain mapping and spatially-resolved diffraction – reaching the ppm scale (MS-067)
Chairs: Gavin Vaughan, H. F. Poulsen
Speakers: Hugh Simons, Hemant Sharma, Antonios Vamvakeros
25 August 2017 1455-1730
New X-ray sources: Storage rings – FELs-laser-based (MS-068)
Chairs: Harald Reichert, Tetsuya Ishikawa
Speakers: Joel Donald Brock, Tetsuya Kawachi
25 August 2017 1455-1730
High-pressure crystallography as the ultimate interdisciplinary tool (MS-069)
Chairs: A. Goodwin, Nandini Garg
Speakers: Artem Oganov, M.S. Somayazulu, Nick Brooks
25 August 2017 1455-1730
Diffuse scattering in crystalline structures (MS-076)
Chairs: Bernardo Barbiellini, Ray Withers
Speakers: Andrew Goodwin, Marek Pasciak, Thomas Weber
26 August 2017 1030-1305
Coherence, spectroscopy and time resolved crystallography with new sources (MS-077)
Chairs: Jan Kern, Marvin Seibert
Speakers: Tetsuo Katayama, Joerg Standfuss, Tais Gorkhover
26 August 2017 1030-1305
Advances in high-pressure crystallographic methods (MS-078)
Chairs: Kamil Dziubek, Simon Clark
Speakers: Margherita Citroni, Karen Appel
26 August 2017 1030-1305
Dynamic phenomena and material functionality from inelastic x-ray scattering (MS-085)
Chairs: Eiji Nishibori, Yoshiharu Sakurai
Speakers: Arun Bansil, Yisong Guo
26 August 2017 1455-1730
Accurate high resolution diffraction studies at high pressure (MS-086)
Chairs: Krzysztof Wozniak, Nicola Casati
Speakers: Maxim Bykov, Boris Zakharov
26 August 2017 1455-1730
Phase-plates: Improving resolution in CryoEM (MS-094)
Chairs: Bart Buijsse, Radostin Danev
Speakers: Mazdak Radjainia, Sara Sandin
27 August 2017 1030-1305
XAFS of materials for clean energy (MS-096)
Chairs: Pieter Glatzel, Steve M. Heald
Speakers: Michael Toney, Kiyotaka Asakura, Henning Lichtenberg
27 August 2017 1030-1305
Methods for characterizing commensurate and incommensurate magnetic structures (MS-103)
Chairs: Francoise Damay, Margarida S. Henriques
Speakers: Steve Collins
27 August 2017 1455-1730
New instrumental developments for electron crystallography (MS-105)
Chairs: Fu-Rong Chen, Pete Nellist
Speakers: Christian Kisielowski, Hao Yang, Ute Kolb
27 August 2017 1455-1730
Laboratory sources vs. large scale facilities for charge density studies (MS-112)
Chairs: Maqsood Ahmed, Regine Herbst-Irmer
Speakers: Nicolas Claisir, Mads Ry Vogel Jørgensen, Parthapratim Munshi
28 August 2017 1030-1305