Magnetic order and its consequences (MS-008)
Chairs: Takashi Kamiyama, Arsen Gaukassov
Speakers: Takashi Kamiyama, Arsen Gaukassov, Sanjay Singh
22 August 2017 1030-1305
Extending the boundaries of crystallography (MS-017)
Chairs: Manuel Loquias, Mois I Aroyo
Speakers: Tomonari Dotera, Stephen Hyde, Walter Steurer
22 August 2017 1455-1730
A bridge between two worlds: Graphs as structural descriptors (MS-026)
Chairs: Bernd Souvignier, Hamilton Barbosa Napolitano
Speakers: Jean-Guillaume Eon, Mikhail V. Kirov
23 August 2017 1030-1305
Crystal structure relationships and their applications (MS-035)
Chairs: Wolfgang Schmahl, V. M. Talanov
Speakers: Gervais Chapuis, Sergey V. Krivovichev, Dhananjai Pandey
23 August 2017 1455-1730
Models for refining the electron density from elastic scattering. Bob Stewart’s legacy (MS-043)
Chairs: Paulina Dominiak, T. N. Guru Row
Speakers: Philip Coppens, Simon Grabowsky, Christian Jelsch
24 August 2017 1030-1305
Topological magnetic structures: monopoles, skyrmions, etc. (MS-062)
Chairs: Henrick Ronnow, Maria-Teresa Fernandez-Diaz
Speakers: Pascale Deen, Jonathan White
25 August 2017 1030-1305
Chemistry and physics of modulated and composite crystals (MS-089)
Chairs: Siegbert Schmid, Thomas Doert
Speakers: Sven Lidin, Olivier Perez, Cinthia Antunes Correa
26 August 2017 1455-1730
Recent advances in quasicrystal research (MS-098)
Chairs: Katariina Pussi, Yasushi Ishii
Speakers: Julia Dshemuchadse, Nobuhisa Fujita
27 August 2017 1030-1305
Magnetic structures at extreme conditions (MS-123)
Chairs: Konstantin Kamenev, Oleksander Prokhnenko
Speakers: Hiroyuki Nojiri, Angel Arevalo-Lopez, Andrey Podlesnyak
28 August 2017 1455-1730
Beyond conventional topological analysis of electron density (MS-124)
Chairs: Bernardo Rodrigues, Julia Contreras
Speakers: Marlena Gryl, Alessandro Genoni, Miroslav Kohout
28 August 2017 1455-1730
Small-Angle Scattering data formats, standards and repositories (MS-125)
Chairs: Cy Jeffries, Manfred Roessle
Speakers: Alexey Kikhney, Brinda Vallat, Pete R Jemian, Andrew Allen
28 August 2017 1455-1730